Explorer Tent 8p
Explorer Tent for 8 people.
  • Explorer Tent 8p
    Explorer Tent for 8 people with camping cots.
    • Inner Dimensions: 5,00 m (L) x 5,00 m (W)
    • Center Height: 2,70 m (H)
    • Wall Height: 1,60 m
    • Camping Cots: 1,90 m (L) x 0,64 m (W) x 0,42 m (H)

    Our new Explorer Tent was inspired by tents often used in humanitarian emergencies, serving as makeshift hospitals, command centers and field clinics, among others.

    The Explorer is the right choice for any situation - it's 100% cotton canvas, which gives it a functional breathability, and offers a whopping 25 m² area, so there is never a lack of extra luggage space.

    This tent also comes with a double roof for added protection, and is thus prepared to withstand harsh weather such as heavy rains, very high temperatures and heavy snow.

    Accommodation for 8 people.
    Events available with Explorer Tent 8p
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