1. What includes every accomodation option?

Each of our accommodation options includes mattresses for the number of people as listed for each solution, an LED light and key or padlock, plus a unique design, with great charm and positive energy.

2. Is there wi-fi on the campsite?

In some situations, yes. However some technical issues may not allow this.

3. Is there light inside of the accomodation options?

Yes. We will provide for all accommodation options, a LED light and batteries that you can swap at the front desk when they are low.

4. Is there electrical power within the accomodation options?

Depending on the location of the camping it may or may not be electric power.
Whenever we can provide energy, it would be reported at the point of booking or news.
When the characteristics of the enclosure do not allow, we will try to have this possibility at the reception and / or lounge.

5. Can I charge my mobile phone or camera?

In some situations yes, within your accommodation option.
When the characteristics of the enclosure do not allow, we will try to have this possibility at the reception and / or lounge.

6. Do I have to take my own bedclothes?

Yes. For practical and hygienic issues, we only provide the mattress on a resistant and washable material. However, you can purchase one of our comfortable sleeping bags, which you should book online in advanced so it is available on your arrival.

7. How many people can sleep in each accommodation option?

In Qb's (quibis) could sleep up to 2 people in twin mattresses.
In Tipis could sleep a group of 6 people. We suggest you form a group of friends and share expenses and space.  You will see it will be very fun, and practically creates a private and unique lounge.
In Gypsies could sleep between 2 to 4 people, depending on the option chosen. In the option for 4 people it will be placed on the floor an extra mattress for two people. This is the ideal solution for a group of friends who want to share this option.

8. What if it rains?

You will be protected and comfortable. All accommodation options are prepared and waterproofed. Our Tipis have a drip system inside, to prevent water from entering on rainy days.

9. What should I take with me?

You should bring your own bed clothes or a sleeping bag, towels, pillow and everything you need to make your experience even more comfortable.
You can also bring some camping accessories such as chairs, tables and more.
In some cases you can bring your outdoor Camping stove (use is limited to the rules of each event, please read the relevant rules applied in each case).

10. And... What if I forget my bedclothes?

You can always buy one of our sleeping bags and bath towel, which will be yours, as a reminder of this unforgettable stay. There may be some cases of stock rupture, so if it is you decision not to bring bedding, you should make an online reservation for these products to ensure that they are available upon your arrival.

11. Can I start fire?

No. There are restrictions and safety standards, so you cannot start fire, light camp fires, etc.. in some cases it is  possible the use of outdoor camping stoves, but you have to read the camping rules applicable to each event.
Any type of fire, matches, lighters, etc., is prohibited within our accommodations options.

12. Can I smoke in the accommodation?

 No! Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the accommodation options. You can enjoy your cigarette in our lounge, or within our camping as long as it is outside.

13. How do bookings works?

You should make your booking in advance through our website and according to the options and events available

14. How do I pay?

You can make your payment through one of the displayed solutions on our booking process. Our site is a secure platform that respects and ensures your privacy.
We do not provide or sell your data to others.
See also PayPal Acceptable Use Policy

15. Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. After choosing the payment method and complete your booking, you will receive on the email that you provided, the confirmation of payment with the reservation number. You should pay special attention when entering your contact details to ensure they are correct.

16. Can I book an accommodation solution for one night?

 No. Reservations must be made for every day of the event / festival. We advised you to previously acquire the pass for all days of the event / festival for which you are booking our accommodation.

17. The prices shown include the ticket for the festival/event?

No. You should buy your ticket through the usual channels.
Tickets for Events / Festivals are only included when properly indicated in our offers pack.

18. Do all prices inclue VAT?

Yes, all prices shown include VAT at the legal rate.

19. Do I receive an invoice for my booking?

Yes. 10 days before each event and after confirmation of full payment, you will receive an invoice of you purchase. This invoice will be issued by the company Nuno Filipe Cruz, Unipessoal Lda - NIF: 513013229, who has the ownership of the Sleep'em'All brand.

20. Will I be able to make the payment when arriving at the camping?

No. You must make payment for your booking until 15 days before the date of the event

21. Can I cancel my booking? Will I have any costs?

 Yes, you can cancel your booking if you want to. However, there are some costs* related to canceling.

* 10% until 30 days before the event date.
   50% within 10 to 29 days before the event date.
   75% to less than 10 days before the event date.

22. And i case of cancellation by Sleep'em'All?

Whenever we feel that the necessary security conditions for the permanence of our guests in our campsite are not met by very adverse weather issues or other, we will proceed with the cancellation of camping. In this case, there will be a full refund of the amounts paid for the accommodation option.

23. Will I have to pay any deposit?

In some situations you may be asked for a deposit which will be returned at the end of the event when you check-out.
In cases where a deposit is needed, you will be previously informed of the amount.

24. Do I have to sign a liability term?

Yes, all guests must sign a liability term on their acts and accommodation, to prevent damages and the misuse of our facilities. It is a responsibility of each guest to ensure the proper use of the accommodations. When your accommodation option is not being used, you should ensure that it is closed.

In case of damage it will be charged to the person who made the reservation, the amount corresponding to the damaged product(s).

25. Is there security in the Sleep'em'all campsite?

Yes, our permanent team and security guards, ensure 24hrs security in our Camping, restricting access to non-accredited people. However, we are not responsible for the personal property of each person, and you should always ensure that you leave the door closed and your belongings safe.

26. All of the accommodation options have a door lock or a padlock?

Yes. Qb's (Quibis) and Type A Gypsies have locks on the doors. A key will be delivered on arrival. The Tipis and Type B Gypsies have ports in sturdy canvas with eyelets appropriate to put a padlock provided by Sleep'em'All along with the relating keys. In either case you shall be responsible for the key that was handed to you. However if you lose it, you should not force the lock or padlock. Get help from one of our team members who will help you resolve the issue.

27. What kind of security measures are there in case of emergency?

There are fire extinguishers at various points of our campsite and exit directional signs. Our team will be instructed to assist in whatever is needed and guide our guests to the exit.

28. Can I enter on camping without a ticket for the event/festival?

No. The entry must be made in camping with a festival wristband suitable for all days of the festival / event. You must have this wristband at check-in so we can give you your wristband for accessing our space. These measures aim to ensure your own safety and interest, while also ensuring the quality standard that we propose.

29. Showers and WC's are Sleep'em'all camping exclusive?

Yes. WC's and shower facilities are dedicated only to guests Sleep'em'All. Please note, however, that these facilities will be adapted to the characteristics and means of each location of our space, so unfortunately we cannot always guarantee hot water showers and container bathrooms or fixed infrastructure, there may be replacement or supplement with chemical bathrooms. In all cases our team will be often supervising the cleaning of these facilitie
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