11 - 14 August 2017
Cem Soldos, Tomar, PT
The largest and most diverse festival dedicated to Portuguese music, BONS SONS takes place every year in the village of Cem Soldos, Tomar.

Organized by SCOCS, the local cultural association, BONS SONS acts as a platform to promote Portuguese music, where the audience can discover emerging projects as well as reconnect with renowned musicians.

In addition to being a Portuguese music festival, BONS SONS is, first and foremost, an unparalleled experience. The village of Cem Soldos is closed and its perimeter marks out the festival venue. Inside, 8 stages, each hosting a dedicated programme, blended seamlessly with the village’s streets, squares, the church and other facilities. In addition to this unique atmosphere, BONS SONS fosters a close engagement with its audience while involving the population in the making of the festival. It is the locals who welcome and serve festivalgoers, in a unique communion between hosts and visitors that affords an unparalleled experience of a music event.

A thoughtfully designed programme, the entire village of Cem Soldos as venue and the involvement of the locals in the festival are unique traits that set BONS SONS apart in the Portuguese cultural scenario.


Dates Nº of person Price Buy
1 Night (12-13 Aug) 2 PAX € 30,00
1 Night (13-14 Aug) 2 PAX € 30,00
1 Night (14-15 Aug) 2 PAX € 30,00
Dates Nº of person Price Buy
4 Nighs (11-15 Aug) 4 PAX € 245,00
Dates Nº of person Price Buy
4 Nighs (11-15 Aug) 2 PAX € 120,00
1 Night (12-13 Aug) 2 PAX € 30,00
1 Night (13-14 Aug) 2 PAX € 30,00
Dates Nº of person Price Buy
4 Nighs (11-15 Aug) 8 PAX € 400,00
1 Night (11-12 Aug) 8 PAX € 100,00
1 Night (12-13 Aug) 8 PAX € 100,00
- VAT at 6%.
- Access for 5 days - Check-in on August 11th starting at 10:00 am, Check-out on August 15th until 12:00 pm.
- Single Nights - Check-in starting at 14:00 pm, Check-out until 12:00 pm.

- Tickets to the festival - to ensure your access to the festival and to our camping, you must carry out the purchase of your ticket/pass + Camping Pass (when applied), according to selected accommodation option. Access to our camping is only possible with the Sleep'em'All bracelet, given at Check-in.
- Bed linen - for practical and hygienic issues, we only provide a mattress or a camping cot on a resistant and washable material. You should bring your own bed clothes, sleeping bag or whatever you think you may be missing for your comfort during the period of your stay, or you can purchase one of our sleeping bags, polar blankets and pillows at our online store or at the Sleep'em'All reception in our camping.


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