Wine & Music Valley 2019
14 - 16 September 2019
Porto Comercial de Cambres, Lamego, PT
The Wine Music Valley, first major Music & festival fully inspired by the wine, will be born by the River Douro next September. The event, which will take place at the commercial port of Cambres (Lamego) at 14 and 15 September, assumed as a musical and gastronomic Fusion experience, able to contribute to the development of wine tourism in the Douro region – the oldest region winaries in the world.
The couple with the offer of wine festival, musical proposals also are overweight, with the Wine Music Valley receiving & some of the biggest names in the national and international panorama.


Dates Nº of person Price Buy
2 Nights (14-16 Sept) 4 PAX € 240,00
1 Night (14-15 Set) 4 PAX € 120,00
Dates Nº of person Price Buy
2 Nights (14-16 Sept) 2 PAX € 200,00
1 Night (14-15 Set) 2 PAX € 100,00
1 Night (15-16 Set) 2 PAX € 100,00
-VAT 6%.
Check-in the day September 14 from 10:00 hours,
Check-out the day September 16 until 12:00 hours.
-Bed linen (hoisting ropes carefully up and down, duvet, pillow) bath towel, head table, chandelier, rugs, clothes hanger, mirror, dustbin, table and chairs, bench down the bed.

-Tickets for the festival

-Reception open from 9 am at 21 hours at the entrance to the trailer park, where it is always someone in our team.
-Lounge with taken to facilitate loading of your cell phone or other equipment.
-Male and Female showers, for exclusive use of our guests.
-Male and female toilets containers, 
 are cleaned daily at different times of the day, for the exclusive use of our guests.
-Lighting during the night.
-Area of camping Sleep ' in ' All is fenced and access is controlled, to ensure your safety.


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